I love you my twin flame!

My heart, never did I think I would be writing this. We talked about this so many times. You told me “I’m not going anywhere J.” We just talked the day before. We just went to havasu for my birthday. I’ll miss you texting me asking me if I was coming to a certain party or event. I’ll miss your “I miss u freak” texts, I’ll miss your “I love you always” texts. I’ll miss your laugh. I’ll miss you running to my house with hot Cheetos and your computer just so we could watch cheetah girls together. I’ll miss you coming over and immediately asking me to rub your back with my fake nails. I’ll miss you not being able to watch a movie for more than 5 mins without falling asleep. I miss playing the piano for you while you say I have “alien fingers.” I miss you coming over and throwing your “magic” into our food. I miss us spending the entire Christmas breaks together, I miss you coming over and laughing ur ass off with jade, I miss your ability to make me smile even when I didn’t want to. I miss you. I miss your energy. Your presence alone was enough to make everyone in a room turn and look. Everyone is saying the same thing about you, you had the most contagious laugh and smile. I always thought I’d have you to fall back on, to watch each other grow up, to go through milestones with. You were my bestfriend before I was even born. We grew up together, we have been there for eachother In every event life threw our way. When things like this happen you’re the one I call, who am I suppose to call now? My biggest blessing in life was and is watching you grow up and live an incredible life. You are my heart, my twin forever. I love you freak. Till I see you again Z-money. 

Love, Janette 

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